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Nervous Tree by Krištof Kintera is an installation shaped like a tree formed by human characteristics.

Krištof Kintera
Nervous Tree, 2014

Does the truth only reveal itself in silence?

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Is that why exhibition spaces are often as silent as churches?

Instead of contemplative silence, however, here an annoying tapping pervades. Instead of moving us, Krištof Kinteras’ installation, ‘Nervous Tree’, makes us nervous. Is this about a thing or a person?

It seems that ‘Nervous Tree’ has quite a few human characteristics: a head in the form of a globe, a skeleton — the tree itself — and, with a little imagination, even a smile.

It is evident that people see themselves reflected in things that are actually very different. We hardly even question it. Or is there really such a thing as nervous shrubs, plants and trees?

Judging from the ‘face’ of the tree, ‘he’ or ‘she’ is clearly trying to tell us something about the current state of our planet. More than a symbol for a real tree, with ‘Nervous Trees’ Kintera is primarily offering us a way to reflect on our own human issues. Are these therefore not pressing enough to find their way through to our awareness without botanical detours? Or do we still think it is the trees that really have reason to be nervous?