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Pink and Bright Green by Ann Veronica Janssens are two glass cubes filled with paraffin oil. A glass cube filled with green paraffin oil

Ann Veronica Janssens
Pink & Bright Green, 2010

Just a happy coin­cidence?

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Anyone who stands still, or rather moves, soon notices that Ann Veronica Janssens’ sculptures produce more than a remarkable optical effect. Nevertheless, we could safely call the forms, materials and rationale with which the artist starts working minimal.

After all, in themselves, the two glass cubes filled with paraffin oil are almost as invisible as the light that falls on them: Janssens’ actual intangible ‘material’. You could also ask yourself whether they are also sculpted with human perception. In any case it is certainly a crucial factor here in the formula for a phenomenon that we only experience when we circle around Janssens’ cubes.

They are traditional sculptures, often massive monoliths, the visual language of which often refers to another world and they act as subtle ideas for an alternative experience. After all, the artist's laboratory does not just produce technical curiosities. Janssens’ sculptures always introduce an unexpected wonder: an inspiring antidote for the predictability entrenched in everyday life.