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In Pink Shape over Enrapted Figure (near white shape), John Baldessari mixes photo and film, abstract and figurative.

John Baldessari
Pink Shape over Enrapted Figure (near white shape), 1990

Can you capture life as it is lived?

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John Baldessari was known throughout the world from the end of the 1980s for his work that blends images from photography and cinema by removing them from their original environment, rearranging the shape and adding the taste and smell of life to it, as it were. He blends abstract and figurative.

The mystical female head is central, but does not reject the achievements of the abstract colour palette Although movement is suggested, the composition is static, the head has come to a standstill in photographic terms, the movement of the red spot is pictorial.

He wants to educate with his commentary on contemporary culture and lead us with his alienating collages to ways of critically examining images. On the one hand, he encourages us to interpret his images in his own way and on the other hand, he complicates this by intentionally overpainting certain parts of his collages. He wants us to understand that we are not looking at purely aesthetically inspiring images and playfully points out to us that photos might mislead us.

A photo is not necessarily a lie, but nor is it the truth.