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Contemporary schizophrenia is often the subject of Ariane Lozes "MÔWN videos" (Movies On My Own)

Ariane Loze
Profitability, 2017

Are we merely a “product” of our time?

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Personality is not a matter of logical consequence, or circumstance. On the contrary, it would probably be closer to the truth, if we described ourselves as an internal archipelago rather than an island unto ourselves.

This contemporary schizophrenia is often the topic of Ariane Loze’s videos. In which she appropriately gives almost all the roles to… herself: including script, production, direction and costumes.

The specific world in which her alter egos are trapped also plays an important role. Hence why, some time ago, she ended up in an ING branch in Ghent. The result is a satirical piece of business logic brought to life, dressed in cold suits. A parody aimed at the art world? After all, she is not the idealistic safe haven some consider her to be. Why do those who are interested always ask Loze about her future plans? Are they perhaps speculating on the value of her work or ‘brand’? Terms such as cost killing, profitability or targets have not only invaded the art world.

The entrepreneur’s model now has an effect on almost every aspect of our daily lives. Even on our personality and behaviour. The question is, whether Loze’s video Profitability isn’t closer to reality than we currently suspect. Can we still regard this as a parody?