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Quantum Cloud IV by Antony Gormley is a sculpture that translates the space we experience when we close our eyes.

Antony Gormley
Quantum Cloud IV, 1999

Is the body of ‘the other’ the ultimate horizon of oneself?

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The human body continues to fascinate us. Familiar and elusive at the same time. Its form, at least in art history, is depicted the most and is most probably the oldest symbol.

To Antony Gormley, the body, his body, fulfils both the role of motivator and tool. As a sculptor, he is interested in creating space. In particular, the space that we experience when we close our eyes: a dark void with no dimensions, without beginning or end. The artist became aware of this inner space during the many mid-day naps which he had to take as a child in a hot room. The idea has never left him since and thus became the subject of his entire oeuvre.

Each work is about the human, subjective presence. His images explore the limits of this. Where do we cease to exist? With our skin or the architecture that surrounds us? What about personal space? Or even with ‘the other’? When eye-to-eye with Gormley's sculptures in any case, we find ourselves once again becoming the observer and the observed simultaneously.