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The title says it all: Mother on bed with blood by Gregory Crewdson is the perfectly staged image.

Gregory Crewdson
Untitled Mother on bed with blood, 2004

Where does a photo end and a film begin?

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It is just one of the many questions that we could ask ourselves when we let Gregory Crewdson’s images sink in.

They are photos that demand time. The time of the artist who sometimes takes months to achieve that one perfectly framed image. Or are we therefore talking about a director? And on the other hand, our time, the time to go through all possible scenarios that could precede the bloodstain on the bed. What would be going through the mind of the woman on the bed, moreover?

In any case, Crewdson maintains the mystery meticulously . ‘His’ America is no longer a country of sublime landscapes and unbridled optimism, but rather a vast ‘suburbia’. It is the banal, but therefore no less ominous background against which the artist always projects a fraction of a mysterious event.

No wonder that the atmosphere in his photos reminds us so strongly of American thrillers at times.